Tips for getting your car winter ready

Be Prepared WinterIt’s Friday November 18, 2016, and in Toronto we are forecasted to hit 18 degrees celsius today. Understandably with spring like temperatures, thinking about winterizing your vehicle is not top of mind. However with snow forecasted for Toronto next week – now is time to get ready.

Here are some simple critical steps to get your vehicle winter ready:

  • Tires – Every vehicle operating in wintery conditions should be equipped with four proper winter tires. We discuss this important safety feature in a separate post you can find here. If you have winter tires, get them installed before the snow hits. If you don’t have winter tires, buy them. If you can’t afford a separate set of winter tires, have your tires rotated before the snow falls, ensuring the two tires with the most tread are on the front tires.
  • Oil Change – If your vehicle hasn’t received an oil change in the past six months or 8,000 kilometers, it’s a good idea to get it done before the cold temperatures hit. The freezing temperatures are extremely taxing on your vehicle’s engine. Having new oil running through the engine will make those cold starts easier, and reduce wear on the engine. Also when the technician is performing the oil change, ensure they check all the other vehicle fluids.
  • Wiper Blades – Like anything else, your vehicle’s wiper blades have a life span. Ensure your wipers are still in a useable condition. If your wiper blades are not in reasonable condition, that means clearing the slush, ice, snow, and sleet from your windshield will be problematic, compromising your visibility.
  • Washer Fluid – You will be using a lot of washer fluid this winter season. Make sure you top up your washer fluid, and keep a jug in the trunk. You will need it!
  • Emergency Kit – If the unfortunate does happen and your vehicle breaks down, make sure you have a proper emergency kit with blankets, jumper cables, gloves, and other emergency essentials. You can easily buy emergency kits at retailers like Canadian Tire.



And of course WeeL would be happy to get your car winter ready. For $99.99, WeeL make sure your vehicle is ready for the harsh Canadian winter…. and this service can all be done from your home or office! Our winter package includes:

– Semi-synthetic oil change
– New oil filter
– Check lights
– Check air filter
– Install snow tires on rims
– Check and adjust tire pressure

Does your engine require full synthetic or euro-blend? For an additional fee we are happy to upgrade your oil change.

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